Interview: Christopher Birk, Director of Upcoming “Willa” Adaptation

Christopher Birk, Director and Screenplay writer of "Willa"

This is an interview that I did with the Director of the upcoming “Willa” adaptation, Christopher Birk. This is my first interview with someone who is not in a heavy metal band, so hang with me if it’s no good. I also want to send out a big thank you to Chris for the opportunity to interview him.

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Where Are They Now? – Kate Maberly


Kate Maberly as "Dinah" in "The Langoliers" ('95)

I was watching “The Langoliers” over the weekend for the next episode of the Stephen King Movie Club, and got to wondering what some of these actor types are doing now. That lead me, of course, to Google and IMDb. I was looking up the various characters to see what’s going on with them. I thought that my research into these various thespians of the silver screen (or copper screen, I guess, if made for TV) may interest you. So I figured, why not do a weekly segment about it here on the blog.

Whilst browsing the cast of “The Langoliers,” I came across Kate Maberly, who played Dinah (the little blind girl) in “The Langoliers.” My attention was drawn to her for 2 reasons:

  1. Her birthday is the same exact day as my wife’s birthday, March 14, 1982
  2. She is a knockout!

So I guess you could say, she is the first in this series because of my love for my wife, but my keen eye for other hotties. Calm down ladies! I know you’re clambering all over yourself and each other to get at a guy THIS nice, but I am called for. 😉

Now that my feeble attempt at sarcasm via text has gotten your attention, let’s move on.

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