Where Are They Now? – Adam Storke

Most of these articles, I realized, were focusing on child stars from Stephen King’s movies. I wanted to change it up a bit, so I decided to look up Adam Storke. You may recognize him as the lovable asshole, Larry Underwood, from “The Stand.” It comes to mind because a few people have requested the movie to be covered on Movie Club, but I am dreading trying to cover an 8 hour movie (mini-series is the proper term, but you get what I mean) in a 15 minute episode of Movie Club. I will probably have to do it in parts.

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“The Stand” Unabridged Audiobook Re-Release is Download Only

Here’s an excerpt from “The Stand”

[audio http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/mm/audio/4s_9780307987570.mp3]

You may know that an unabridged version of “The Stand” was re-released in audiobook format. This is great news to a guy like me that has the original unabridged audiobook (which was original in cassette tape format, then converted to mp3 and torrented by me at a much later date) and thought the quality was garbage, but still listened. Now I can get an official version with updated technology and awesome sound quality! YAY!

The intriguing part of the story is that it will not be available in hard copy, only as a digital download. That doesn’t bother me, that’s how I was going to get it anyway. I do know that this will tweak some people’s taters. This is a sign of things to come, I believe, so if you aren’t on board with digital download of your audio content, get that way. Most major record labels have announced that they will no longer be making CD’s (around the end of 2012) and will only make music available via digital download. I mention that because I think it is worth mentioning. The record labels, that used to be so up-in-arms about digital downloads, are now going to be making that their primary form of music distribution and I see other industries following suite.

Personally, I get annoyed if I want to watch a movie and it’s not available via Netflix streaming, iTunes or Amazon, because that is my preferred method of watching movies. Just like my preferred method of reading is actually listening. What can I say, I like having options. Lilja’s Library posted something about this on Facebook about a week ago wanting to know if people preferred to download the content, have a hard copy or were indifferent to the subject. The overwhelming majority said hard copy. Although, I think they thought the question was whether people preferred paper book or audiobook and so, of course, the hard copy won out. If you want to try out the digital download world, you can get a free download of “The Stand” from Audible by clicking the link below, but only if you’re a new audible customer.

What do you think? You prefer a hard copy of an AUDIOBOOK or does digital download work for you? Are you a hard copy person that is going to step into the world of digital downloading for “The Stand”? Are you refusing to get the audiobook because its only available for digital download? Tell me your thoughts here or on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

Download “The Stand” from:  Audible ($23.52/Free) | iTunes ($28.95)

Posted by Matt Jacobs

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Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” Micro Movie

[youtube http://youtu.be/Oy1b-uh1xnM]

One of the wonderful readers of this blog posted this on our Facebook Page, and I wanted to take a minute to share it with you. This is the entire Dark Tower story, summed up in a 7:20 YouTube Video! Big shout to our Facebook friend Brian for posting this and bringing it to our attention! Another big shout out to the person/people that took the time to grab all these clips and string them together! Job well done!

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Stephen King Movie Club: Salem’s Lot

[youtube http://youtu.be/JvH0iX1lOMg]

I couldn’t seem to find a copy of Salem’s Lot on DVD or for digital download anywhere! I did, however, find a person that uploaded the entire movie to YouTube. I went ahead and made a playlist for both the 1979 and 2004 versions of the film! However, this episode of Movie Club focused on the 1979 version.

Salem’s Lot on YouTube:  Salem’s Lot (1979) | Salem’s Lot (2004)

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Since the podcast hosting problem occurred, I didn’t want to release this as it wouldn’t be available in all it’s formats. Then I said to myself, “Better to get it out there in some form than in no forms!” So here it is! Stay tuned and I will have updated iTunes and Zune podcast subscription info in the near future.

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Talk Stephen King Presents: Nerd Rage! Featuring Matt Jacobs and Bryant Burnette

You may remember  when I was interviewed on Talk Stephen King not that long ago. Well, that interview spawned a post by Bryant Burnette over at Ramblings of a Honk Mahfah, titled “Why Listening and Reading are Not the Same Thing.” That lead to David at TSK wanting to moderate a discussion (or pick a fight, whichever) on the topic between myself and Bryant Burnette. It got kind of interesting and ended up turning into NerdFest 2012! You know how I love a good NerdFest, me…

The happenings of said nerdfest are all documented over on the Talk Stephen King blog, so link over and have a read!

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Update: Stephen King Fancast and Stephen King Movie Club Temporarily Unavailable

It is confirmed. Mevio has officially locked out thousands of podcasters with no warning what-so-ever. Two of the podcasts affected, are the two podcasts that are provided here, the Stephen King Fancast and the Stephen King Movie Club. If you’re not sure what a hosting account is, I’ll explain.

Just like in the real world, if you want your own space on the web to create things and make them accessible, you have to get someone to allow you to use their  space. This is generally done by renting or purchasing. Also just like in the real world, the buying, generally, costs you a lot up front and renting is just more affordable at the moment. I don’t have several thousand dollars to purchase my own server, but I can come up with $30 a month to rent the space needed to host these files. Another part of the service is generating a feed for your files. The feed is what allows the user, that’s you, to subscribe to the podcast once and then get every subsequent episode, “pushed” out to your iTunes, Zune or feed reader accounts. This way, you don’t have to go looking for a new episode every time one is released, it comes to you, automatically the next time you login to iTunes or Zune or whatever. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, you don’t have to visit your friends page to see their updates, those updates are automatically “pushed” out to your news feed.

I will be going with a new hosting service for these podcasts and will take me a while to get that worked out. In light of these developments, the new episode of the Stephen King Movie club that was supposed to go up last Saturday, will be delayed until I can get this all worked out. So will any future episode of the Stephen King Fancast. I’m sorry, but there is no way around this.

I want it to be known that this is in no way something I had control of or could have prevented. I will be working on the problem non-stop from now until this is fixed. This will be an insane workload, so I will not be publishing any articles of my own until I get this sorted.

I also want to say that if you are currently subscribed to either/both of these podcasts, you will need to re-subscribe once the new hosting has been figured out. Since I have been locked out of my Mevio account, I can’t upload new episodes to their service, nor can I update the feed they provided me with. That means that the feed provided to me, by Mevio, is now dead. I will never be able to update that feed. I would suggest unsubscribing from the Stephen King Fancast and Stephen King Movie Club feeds through iTunes, Zune or whatever other service you may be subscribed through.

Once I get this all sorted out, I will have to re-submit the podcast(s) to iTunes, Zune and Stitcher. Once they are approved, I will put up a post here with the appropriate links to subscribe to the new feeds. The links on the podcast pages here will all be updated once I have that information for you.

I am so sorry for this downtime and hope you return and re-subscribe to the podcasts. Both of them had great subscriber and download numbers that I used to get sponsorships and to try to earn ad dollars for the shows, all those numbers will now be reset to zero and I may lose some affiliate relationships due to this. What that means, is that, as far as the podcasts are concerned, all the work that I have put into them and to building my podience (that’s my made up word for my podcast audience) has been almost completely undermined. I’m sure Bob Ledrew of the Kingcast will confirm, 98% of podcast listeners never visit the blog or any of its related pages (Facebook, GetGlue, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube) and will not know what is going on with this. I will have to hope that they think to search for the podcast again in the future.

That tells me that I just lost 98% of a listener base that I worked very hard to build. You can’t possibly imagine how depressing that is to me. I’m not sure if any of my fellow Stephen King bloggers/podcasters are reading this, but you might understand. I would like to ask a favor of my King colleagues. If you are so inclined, I ask that you please post something about this on your blog and/or say something about it on your podcast. There is a chance that some of my listeners/viewers are regulars to your site and they may like the info.

If you are a subscriber to these podcasts, and are upset that this site will be experiencing some downtime, I would like to refer you to the links below to check out some great SK related blogs and podcasts that I, personally, am subscribed to and hope you head over there for your SK related news. I know most of the bloggers/podcasters personally and know that they are all great at what they do and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. The podcasts here will available again soon, so don’t go too far.

Down, but definitely not out,


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Matt Interviewed on “Talk Stephen King” Blog

Talk Stephen King is one of the most prolific Stephen King Fan blogs out there. I visit the website on a regular basis and have had a link to Talk Stephen King in the sidebar of this blog for as long as its existed. That is why I am happy to announce that I have joined the ranks of a few other Stephen King bloggers that I have a great deal of respect for and greatly admire by being interviewed for Talk Stephen King. I’m hoping that David over at Talk Stephen King will take me up on my offer to join me for an episode of the Stephen King Fancast in the near future. Now that I’ve allowed my severely over swelled ego to babble all over the page, I would like to encourage you to head over to Talk Stephen King and check out the interview. While you’re there, you should subscribe to his blog in the same way that you do here. CLICK HERE to head over and check it out!