Luanne Johnson: Blogger/Writer

Favorite Podcast: Nerdist

Favorite SK Book: Cell

Favorite SK Movie: The Langoliers

Interesting Fact: I can walk, chew gum and text at the same time

Can’t Live Without: Music and my phone

I Can Get Nerdy About: Pretty much anything…

I’ve had tons of nick names over the years, but none that stuck.  Well, at least none that I want you all to call me.  I’ve also had tons of hobbies over the years, but none of those have stuck either.  Except reading.  Reading has always been the one thing I could do for escape, for learning and for just plain fun.  And nothing catches my attention more than a new Stephen King novel. If you frequent this blog as a listener of the Stephen King Fancast or a viewer of the Stephen King Movie Club, well then I hope you come back to check out the articles that I post on this blog!

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Matt Jacobs: Blogger, Podcast Host and Producer

Favorite Podcast: Nerdist

Favorite SK Book: Tower Series

Favorite SK Movie: Storm of the Century

Interesting Fact: Loves Pop Divas

Can’t Live Without: My amazing wife, Carol,  & my iPhone

I Can Get Nerdy About: Comic Books, Doctor Who and Podcasts

I started the Stephen King Fancast, now I run the podcast and the movie club and leave the writing to those that are good at writing. I hope that, if you are a podcast listener, you check out the great blog content here provided by the new member of the Stephen King Fancast Team, Luanne, who is a friend of mine from college and maybe even more of an SK nerd than I am! If you are a fan of her writing here and are just now finding out about the podcast, I hope you check out an episode and enjoy it!

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  1. It looks like your podcasts are missing. I tried to listen and got a “file not found” error and the iTunes link won’t allow any downloads either. Is there somewhere I else I can download these podcasts. They look great.

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