Stephen King Fancast: Eyes of the Dragon with Shaun Collins

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On this episode of the Stephen King Fancast, Shaun Collins and I discuss “Eyes of the Dragon.” Shaun is one of the hosts of a Doctor Who Podcast that I am a big fan of called Travelling the Vortex. He and his cronies, Glenn & Keith, also host a blast of a time, in which Wholigans (my made up word for fans of Doctor Who) all sit down at the same time on Friday nights and watch a set episode(s) of Doctor Who and share the experience with each other via Twitter. I’ve joined in for #FridayNightWho on a couple of occasions and think it’s really a great way to chat with other Who fans that I otherwise would not have met! Should you be a Doctor Who fan, or interested in getting started, then check out the Traveling the Vortex podcast!

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Stephen King Fancast: Willa feat. Christopher Birk

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The podcast is back! It’s been a long time coming since Mevio shut this podcast down (read more about that here) but it’s finally back! I am still bitter about the shutdown, however, so feel free to Tweet your hate to them on my behalf. >:)

On this episode, I am joined by  the Director of  the “Willa” adaptation, Christopher Birk. We discuss the “Willa” short story from “Just After Sunset,” and the making of Chris’ film adaptation of “Willa.” Should you be interested in finding out more info on the film, you can watch the trailer below and visit the Official Website, at Alphatree Productions.

Also, I did an interview with Christopher on this blog a few months back, so feel free to give that a read, if you like, by CLICKING HERE.

You may have heard me talking about current Facebook woes on the podcast, and here is the link to that article.

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Video: Stephen King Comic Book Club – Introduction


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Stephen King Movie Club: Desperation


This episode of the Stephen King Movie Club is Presented by Stephen King’s new movie, “Bag of Bones.” Click the links below to watch or get your own copy!

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Video: Stephen King Movie Club – The Night Flier

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Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” is Now Available on Netflix


This is just a short informational post to let you know that A&E’s mini-series “Stephen King’s Bag of Bones” that aired on A&E back in November, is now available on Netflix. It is available both as streaming video or as DVD home delivery. The series is not available for purchase from Amazon or iTunes, yet, although you can pre-order it (link below) from Amazon.

This makes me want to bump this up to the next episode of the Stephen King Movie Club. Well, not the next. “The Night Flier” episode is already written and the recording is mostly done. It will be finished very soon (my prop budget ran out before I could finish the recording) and I think the episode after that should be on “Bag of Bones,” since its now readily accessible on Netflix.  Keep your eyes peeled here or on the social network pages for more updates about those soon to come episodes of the Stephen King Movie Club.

Bag of Bones:  Pre-Order on Amazon | Watch on Netflix

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Stephen King Movie Club: Salem’s Lot


I couldn’t seem to find a copy of Salem’s Lot on DVD or for digital download anywhere! I did, however, find a person that uploaded the entire movie to YouTube. I went ahead and made a playlist for both the 1979 and 2004 versions of the film! However, this episode of Movie Club focused on the 1979 version.

Salem’s Lot on YouTube:  Salem’s Lot (1979) | Salem’s Lot (2004)

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Since the podcast hosting problem occurred, I didn’t want to release this as it wouldn’t be available in all it’s formats. Then I said to myself, “Better to get it out there in some form than in no forms!” So here it is! Stay tuned and I will have updated iTunes and Zune podcast subscription info in the near future.

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