Stephen King A/V Round-Up


Above, is the trailer for the “N.” motion comic. It’s a great story, and if you don’t want to dig up the short story, comic books or audiobook, then this is a great way to check it out! I made a YouTube playlist that includes every episode of the series. You can find that by clicking here.


Above is a really rad trailer for Stephen King and Peter Straub’s “The Talisman.” This movie was never made, which sucks because this actually looks really cool!


Reelz Channel put up a video about the top 10 Stephen King movies.


Here’s a sample reading from King’s upcoming Dark Tower novel, “The Wind Through the Keyhole”

For the final portion of this round-up, I would like to introduce you to a new King fan blog and podcast that is out there called Discordia 19. It’s a good listen and I suggest you check it out!

Video: Stephen King Comic Book Club – Introduction


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iFanboy Interviews Walking Dead Creator, Robert Kirkman


In case you didn’t know, iFanboy is one of the top rated comic book podcasts. They recently attended the Image Expo in Oakland, CA and did an interview with “The Walking Dead” creator, Robert Kirkman.

I have been a listener of their podcast and a subscriber of their YouTube channel for a while now, and saw this pop-up in my YouTube news feed.

I happen to be a huge fan of “The Walking Dead” in both comic and TV show form, and figured that you may be as well. Give this a look, if you like.

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Video: Stephen King Comic Book Day


I am super stoked that I was able to get caught up (mostly) with my comic collection! While I was out nerd shopping, I thought it would be cool to show you my little spot that I get my fix at, Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards and Collectibles. I also wanted to show you the comics I picked up for this trip. I am still behind on some of my other stuff, like Joe Hill’s “Locke and Key,” “iZombie,”  “Wormwood: A Gentleman’s Corpse” and a few others, but I plan to go back in a week or two.

This video leads me to a few questions for you…

  1. What else should I be reading? I kind of got out of the super-hero thing when I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give them a look.
  2. Would you be interested in a video that goes through my King or entire comic collection?
  3. Should I do more of these videos?

Let me know what you think.

I didn’t just get King comics while I was there, I also picked up some of my regular stuff as well. Here’s the list, if you’re interested. I have included links to the various publishers of these fine comics so you can grab them too, if you want:

  • “Jesus Hates Zombies: A Jurassic Kind of Life 1 &2” link
  • “Massive Awesome #4” link
  • “Zombies of Foreign Wars #1” link
  • “Li’l Lincoln Mini-Edition #1” link
  • “The 3 Brothers Frog!” link

I am proud to support indie comics and the publishers that put them out. Please show your support for these indie publishers and hit the links and buy some comics!

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The Dark Tower Graphic Novels: The Gunslinger – The Way Station

Last month, King brought us the first installation in a 5 book series, The Dark Tower graphic novels: The Gunslinger– The Waystation.

Roland continues to track the Man in Black through the Mohaine Desert. The desert becomes even more dangerous when Roland is attacked by the creatures that reside there. Wolves, desert dogs, and vampiric dust devils want to claim Roland as their prey, but Roland keeps pushing on. Even at his weakest, the Gunslinger from Gilead doesn’t give up.

Earlier this month, he gave to us the second installation to the amazing graphic novel series: The Gunslinger – The Waystation #2.

In the second chapter of Roland’s journey across the desert, he comes upon a boy who has lost his memory. As the young boy starts to recall his memories, you start to see that they may not be memories from Roland’s world, but another.

Next month, King will give us the 3rd chapter of Roland’s quest to find the Man in Black.

Purchase Dark Tower Graphic Novels:

Gunslinger Born | The Long Road Home

Treachery | The Fall of Gilead | The Battle of Jericho Hill | Little Sisters of Eluria

The Journey Begins | The Battle of Tull | The Way Station

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Podcast: The Dark Tower Wrap-Up with Bryant Burnette

Song Break: Marc Gunn – “Middle-Earth Bragging Rights”

This episode finds the Honk MahFah himself, Bryant Burnette, and I chatting about what our choices would be, should we get to cast the Dark Tower movies, should they actually be getting made. Matt also reveals a secret casting that he heard about, but probably won’t happen now that production has been delayed. Matt also bounces some ideas off of Bryant about an all nerd culture dream-cast for the Dark Tower movies! Then we get into some talk about the Dark Tower Comics and how they are trying to fill some of the gaps that were left in the Dark Tower books. All you non-Wholigans can tune at after that, because it turns out that both Bryant and I are huge Doctor Who fans! So tighten your scarves or bow ties and hold on to your fezes and sonic screwdrivers, because it’s about to get turbo-nerd in here! Feel free to tune out if you’re not a Whovian, it’s OK. I do know that some of the SK listeners are Doctor Who fans, so I decided to leave this part in.

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Stephen King and Joe Hill are Working on a Comic Book Together

By now you know that I am a huge fan of King’s comic books and Hill’s comic books. With this news, I am absolutely giddy! I may have found nerdvana with this. I will have a review up for the first issue as soon as I get my copy.

This is a big deal for King fans, Hill fans and comic book fans! Stephen King and Joe Hill are collaborating on a comic book together, called “Road Rage.” The first issue, “Throttle,” will be available for online purchase on February 15th, 2012 and there are details on the official website (click here) on how you can get your local comic shop to get a copy for you.

The comic is a translation of a 2009 short story that was written by King and Hill together “Throttle,” that was based on Richard Matheson’s “Duel.” In an interview with, Joe Hill recalled a summer when he was a kid in which he and his father watched the Steven Spielberg adaptation of “Duel” innumerable times. So it seemed natural for them to collaborate on the story. When asked about what it was like to work along side his father, Joe Hill had this to say

My dad is real loose. And he’s a horse. If he was a pitcher, he’d be the kind of guy who could go out and throw a hundred and forty pitches, still touch 90 on the gun by the end of the game, then come out three days later and pitch a few innings in relief. He keeps things fun and effortless and stripped down, and those things rub off, so the story was a breeze to write. Here I am, almost forty — I’m still constantly learning things about creativity and peace of my mind from my Dad.

You can read the full post over at

Dark Tower Comics | Locke & Key Comics

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