Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla Pt 2 w/ Jeff Lane

This is the second part of discussion on The Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla with my buddy Jeff Lane. If you haven’t had a chance to check out his podiobooks yet, head over to www.jefflaneaudiobooks.com and get subscribed on iTunes.

New Podcast I’m Enjoying – Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

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Wolves of the Calla Pt.1 w/ Jeff Lane

Welcome back to the Stephen King Fancast!

Not a lot of news on this episode, mainly because, I think, no one was expecting this to come out so quickly with such a long hiatus before the last episode. Things are back on track, and I couldn’t be happier!

The two bits of news that I do have are:

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Jeff Lane, author of “This Paper World” and “One Way,” amongst other stories, joins me for the discussion portion of this episode. We did discuss the entire book in one sitting, but I wasn’t sure if I should put up the full 2+ hour discussion in one episode or not. My indescision lead me to ask the Facebook and Twitter contingent of listeners, and they decided that I should break the discussion into two seperat episodes, so I did. This is Part 1 of Stephen King’s Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla. The rest of the discussion of the book will be out in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can go check out Jeff Lane’s Podobooks of “This Paper World” and “One Way” on his Website or on iTunes

That’s it for this episode! Join Jeff and I next time for more discussion on Wolves of the Calla!

Jeff Lane: Website | Facebook | iTunes | Twitter

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Episode 8 – The Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass Pt. 1

This episode finds the podcast being co-hosted by listener Brian Adams… not the “Summer of ’69” Bryan Adams, another guy named Brian Adams. He was a real joy to have on the show and I wanna send a thank you out to him for patiently waiting  a week since this episode was recorded for it to go live! This is the first of what I am hoping will turn out to be a two part discussion of Dark Tower 4: Wizard & Glass. We really hammered through a lot on this episode, but it was great discussion and we believe we did it some justice. Thankee sai for tuning in to this episode and I hope you join me again!

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May your days be long upon the earth! -Matt

Episode 7 – The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Pt. 3

This episode finds us with a new co-host, albeit a temporary one, but none the less. Stephen Lindsay is a very busy man and just can’t afford the time commitment. I understand and thank him greatly for the time he spent on the show. Stephen, you are welcome on anytime! 🙂 Joining us this episode is Chelsea Kerr. She is a contributor at Nerds in Babeland and a blogger in her own right. Head over to her blog and show her some love!

I am accepting guest hosts, and think it may be a fun time to have different co-hosts every show. So this is my call to my listeners: If you would like to co-host an episode of the Stephen King FanCast, I welcome you! Shoot me an e-mail and we can Skype about the idea. I hope to have my good friend and fellow podcaster Bob LeDrew, who runs one of the other Stephen King based podcasts called The Kingcast (link on the left), as well as one or both of the guys from the Castle Rock Podcast (also on the left), co-host a show with me and jump in on the discussion! I welcome all comers!

Episode 6 – The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Pt. 2

Matt and Stephen would like to start by apologizing for the long delay in recording this episode. Stephen has been very busy working on many projects since our meeting at ZomBcon, and Matt has been laid-off from his job. He has been working very hard consulting other people on starting their own podcast and has been trying to find a writing job for various horror/music blogs. Matt is not trying to make excuses, just understand that it took him a little bit of time to regain his confidence and get back on the proverbial horse after his lay-off. We have all been there and Matt hopes you understand.This is part 2 of the discussion about “Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands” and Matt and Steve had a great time discussing it! Stephen has a very special announcement that he would like to let you all know about, one of his comic books, “Jesus Hates Zombies,” is being made into a movie! Horror website Fangoria broke the news, and here is a link to the article on Fangoria if you are interested in learning more about this upcoming film.