Sounds of The Dark Tower

Warning: This contains slight spoilers for The Dark Tower Series. If you have not read through The Dark Tower III or IV, then this might spoil some things for you.

As some of you may know, I am a die hard Dark Tower fan. When I read about the City of Lud, in “The Wastelands”, the God Drums captivated me for some reason. So I went on youtube in search of what they might sound like. What I found was quite a surprise.


I was absolutely fascinated. Being able to hear what the City of Lud sounds like is amazing. Not only that, but the creator of that video also did one for the Ka-tets ride across the wastelands in Blaine.


Awesome right?

And finally, I found a song inspired by The Dark Tower series.


By the band Understudy. Some awesome songs I couldnt wait to share with yall. I hope you enjoy!

Posted by Jarrod Cartee

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