Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” is Now Available on Netflix


This is just a short informational post to let you know that A&E’s mini-series “Stephen King’s Bag of Bones” that aired on A&E back in November, is now available on Netflix. It is available both as streaming video or as DVD home delivery. The series is not available for purchase from Amazon or iTunes, yet, although you can pre-order it (link below) from Amazon.

This makes me want to bump this up to the next episode of the Stephen King Movie Club. Well, not the next. “The Night Flier” episode is already written and the recording is mostly done. It will be finished very soon (my prop budget ran out before I could finish the recording) and I think the episode after that should be on “Bag of Bones,” since its now readily accessible on Netflix.  Keep your eyes peeled here or on the social network pages for more updates about those soon to come episodes of the Stephen King Movie Club.

Bag of Bones:  Pre-Order on Amazon | Watch on Netflix

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Posted by Matt Jacobs

2 comments on “Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” is Now Available on Netflix

  1. I read the book Bag of Bones, it was really good! I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ll be going on vacation from my job at DISH so I am going to rent it. I can’t wait, but I have Blockbuster @Home so I can easily stream or have movies, TV shows and games mailed to my home pretty fast. I prefer Blockbuster @Home better; I don’t have to deal with late fees or extra fees. Boy, I am going to be a huge couch potato on vacation.

    • This seems like spam to me… but there’s no link involved. So this person is either far too excited about their Blockbuster at Home experience, or the are the biggest spammer failure pile ever.

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