Where Are They Now? – Doug Hutchison

This is one hell of a “Where Are They Now!” Mainly because I didn’t realize that this was “That Guy” until the other day. Since the fact eluded me for quite a while, it may have eluded you as well. This may not be news to you, however, but that’s OK. I did some serious digging around and managed to come up with some pretty good stuff on this, even if I do look like a dirty perv for it.

You are probably familiar with Doug Hutchison as the wretched piece of garbage that was Percy Wetmore from “The Green Mile.” There’s a short clip from the movie above, if you need reminding. He was also a security tech in “Lawnmower Man,” another Stephen King movie in ’92. The most notable things in his career since “The Green Mile” in ’99 are as follows:

  • Various episodes of CSI (2002, 2004), John Doe (2003-2004), Law and Order (2004), Lost (2007-2009) and 24 (2010)
  • He, at the age of 51, married a 16 year old

What? Yeah… you got it. You probably saw a lot of the publicity on this. It is still a pretty hot topic. He married Courtney Stodden. That blonde bimbo that wishes she had Britney Spears’ street cred but just ends up creeping people out with her overtly “sensual” TV interviews and Twitter sexting.

Here is an interview Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden did together on Good Morning America. Watch her face…

Here’s a clip from “The Soup,” my preferred method of keeping up with celeb news

You may be wondering why I’m choosing to focus so much on Courtney Stodden with these clips. Well, that is easy enough to answer. It is my feeling that Doug Hutchison, because of his marriage to this underage girl, has thrown away his career. I don’t believe people will continue to support him. Sure, they will talk about him and mock him on various blogs (like I’m doing now) but I can’t recall when mockery started paying bills. At worst, this is a crazy story about a pedophile and his not-so-reluctant victim. At best, it’s a publicity stunt to further her career. Let’s be honest, this WILL NOT help his career, so I think they did it wrong.

A little bit of evidence that this is a publicity stunt is this video from Funny Or Die in which Doug and Courtney display a sense of humor over the limelight surrounding their controversial relationship:

What this video says to me is that their marriage is either a publicity stunt, or that the two of them are willing to publicly throw their relationship in the faces of others, which will get people continuing to talk about them (like I’m doing now) and making them BOTH whores. By that I mean that Doug is too stupid to see that he is being used in a way that will harm him greatly and Courtney is willing to exploit the mentally challenged, which, as I just explained, he is. I would like to take a moment to apologize to the mentally challenged people that may be reading this, for putting you in the same boat with this guy.

I believe I have made it apparent that I don’t approve of a 51 year-old marrying a 16 year-old. This is not, however, a “for shame! You married an underage girl!” post. Her parents signed off on it and it’s all legal. She also looks adult enough, so I can’t say that he “likes little girls” because even the most sensitive person can take one look at her and say that she looks of age. I get the idea that it’s the principle of the matter. Those things have all been harped on plenty and you have your own opinions about this sensationship.

Doug has managed to sacrifice his career for her’s, which will be a drop in the bucket under the best of circumstances. Anyone that says “he’s not thinking of anyone but himself!” is wrong. He has done himself a great injustice. He could have had a great acting career, but he threw that away. Maybe he can get a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit… Wait… He did that show already. Ironic?

True, in some cases. Generally, I think gentlemen prefer of legal age and not willing to rape my career.

Posted by Matt Jacobs #NFWBG

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