Where Are They Now? – Adam Storke

Most of these articles, I realized, were focusing on child stars from Stephen King’s movies. I wanted to change it up a bit, so I decided to look up Adam Storke. You may recognize him as the lovable asshole, Larry Underwood, from “The Stand.” It comes to mind because a few people have requested the movie to be covered on Movie Club, but I am dreading trying to cover an 8 hour movie (mini-series is the proper term, but you get what I mean) in a 15 minute episode of Movie Club. I will probably have to do it in parts.

I sent an email to the company Adam is currently affiliated with (at least that’s what Facebook says) requesting an interview with Adam, but I never received a return email. Since that is the case, I will go on without him.

Adam Storke has not done much (acting wise) since “The Stand”, which is unfortunate. He was in “Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women” in which he played a parody of John Wayne Bobbitt… you know, the guy that had his willy cut off a few years back and then had it “repaired” and then started doing horrible and tragic (yet still kinda funny, in the ironic sense) porno movies? If you get that joke, then you’re welcome, because it’s pretty good. If you don’t get that joke, then thank you for proving that I had to follow his name with that short, yet on-the-nose description. The point that I’m making, is that I’m not really sure that is a role anyone would want to take.

He was in several TV shows, mostly single episodes, and recently did a short film and a feature film called “Broadway’s Finest.” Most of his best work, or most notable, at least, was prior to “The Stand.” His wikipedia page doesn’t offer anymore info than his IMDb page does. However, I found a Facebook page for him that had a link to Storefront Digital in the “Work” section on the info page. They appear to dabble in advertising, marketing and brand management. I say that because (as you will see by visiting the site) their website seems to just link over to other websites.

I just realized that this must be the worst “Where Are They Now?” piece ever, because I have no real answers. Then again, it’s hard to provide answers when there aren’t really many out there and no one returns emails that could answer these questions… #JustSaying

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Posted by Matt Jacobs

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