Updating the Stephen King Fancast

As you may know, there has been some trouble with the podcast hosting account for the Stephen King Fancast. I, being a “half full” type, spent a short amount of time wallowing in depravity about the loss of my download numbers. That phase in this transition, is over. I have started focusing on the positives that could come out of this. The biggest one being, that I could re-record those first 4 episodes of the Fancast (that were, by current standards of the podcast, sub-par at best) and put a bit of a shine on them.

However, I have received feedback about those early episodes saying that people liked hearing the bad quality compared to the current quality. It shows that the podcast, and myself have grown in the process of creating the podcast. I would like your opinion on the matter. Should I re-record the episodes in the podcast’s current format? Should I leave them as they are? What do you think?

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Posted by Matt Jacobs

2 comments on “Updating the Stephen King Fancast

  1. Oh, wait. I misread.

    I say leave ’em alone. Or, you could rerecord AND post the originals. I think of it like I think of the changes to the Star Wars movies: change whatever you want, just give me the option of watching the originals if that’s what I prefer.

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