The Dark Tower Graphic Novels: The Gunslinger – The Way Station

Last month, King brought us the first installation in a 5 book series, The Dark Tower graphic novels: The Gunslinger– The Waystation.

Roland continues to track the Man in Black through the Mohaine Desert. The desert becomes even more dangerous when Roland is attacked by the creatures that reside there. Wolves, desert dogs, and vampiric dust devils want to claim Roland as their prey, but Roland keeps pushing on. Even at his weakest, the Gunslinger from Gilead doesn’t give up.

Earlier this month, he gave to us the second installation to the amazing graphic novel series: The Gunslinger – The Waystation #2.

In the second chapter of Roland’s journey across the desert, he comes upon a boy who has lost his memory. As the young boy starts to recall his memories, you start to see that they may not be memories from Roland’s world, but another.

Next month, King will give us the 3rd chapter of Roland’s quest to find the Man in Black.

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Treachery | The Fall of Gilead | The Battle of Jericho Hill | Little Sisters of Eluria

The Journey Begins | The Battle of Tull | The Way Station

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