Nerd Casting Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 2

In the last post on Nerd Casting the Dark Tower, I made some suggestions of who, from Nerd Culture, you could cast as Roland, Eddie, Susannah and Jake. I also promised that I would do another post in the near future covering who I think should be cast to play the parts of Blaine the Mono, Marten Broadcloak (and his aliases) both young and old and Henry Dean. This is that post.

This is a more difficult casting, to me, because Blaine is only a voice and with Marten you have to make sure that the casting transfers well from one generation to another.  You also have to make sure they are of similar nationality, so he doesn’t have an accent when he’s young, and then turn around and not have one when he’s old, or the vice versa, for that matter.  That doesn’t make casting completely impossible, but it does limit the possibilities.

Also, being a part of the Stephen King universe, in my mind, automatically puts you into nerd culture. I don’t think that bears explaining, but a simple explanation would be that I think being a fan of King, well, to the point that I am, is a pretty nerdy thing.

Blaine the Mono: As I said above, Blaine is not a physical role. As long as you have someone who can pull off the proper sound and inflection of Blaine, then you’ve got it. So this would be a voice over role. It is my opinion that this job has already been done. I think Frank Muller did an absolutely amazing job reading this character for the audiobook, and I don’t see why that audio couldn’t just be re-used for the purpose of the movie. Frank Muller has passed away since then (R.I.P. Frank, audiobook aficionados miss you very much) so I’m not sure what the legal behind that would be, but I have heard that Stephen King and Frank Muller were buddies, so maybe it could come together. I found a short excerpt from “Wizard and Glass” on YouTube that has an example of what I mean. Play a bit of the video below to hear what I mean…


Marten Broadcloak: I am not sure if you are familiar with the BBC show “Sherlock,” but if you were to watch the episodes that are available on Netflix, I think you would agree that Benedict Cumberbatch (above, left) would be a great pick to play young Marten, the one that Roland catches in bed with his mother. As for an older Marten, (a.k.a. Randal Flagg) I think Anthony Head (above, right) would be an amazing pick! You would recognize him as Uther Pendragon from “Merlin” or as Rupert Giles from “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.”

Wil Wheaton

Henry Dean: My choice for this role can, in my mind, be switched with my pick for the role of Eddie Dean. So if you wanted to get this guy to play Eddie and have Chris Hardwick play the role of Henry, that would be OK with me. Be that as it may, my pick for Henry Dean would be Wil Wheaton. Sorry if the name is spelled wrong nerds, but I’ve seen it spelled with two “L”‘s and a single “L.” You may have seen him in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” as Wesley Crusher or (if you’re a turbo nerd like me) in “The Guild” as Fawkes. He also has already been in a Stephen King movie! He played Gordie in “Stand By Me.”  I probably didn’t need to go into who he is, did I? That is one snazzy button up/sweater combo, BTW.

That is who I would cast in the Dark Tower Movies if I were only to pick from nerd culture. The catch to this is, I think all these picks would actually make great castings! I would watch this movie for the actors, assuming I knew nothing of the Dark Tower! What do you think of my abilities as a casting director? Who would you pick? Leave a comment here or on the social sites if you want to see who else I would cast for any other roles!

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2 comments on “Nerd Casting Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 2

  1. Michael Fassbender as Roland, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Eddie, Zoe Saldana as Susannah, for bad guys, Javier Bardem as Walter O’Dim, Tom Wlaschiha-game of thrones assasin as the man in black (1st book, the sorcerer)

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