Welcome A New Writer to the Blog: Jarrod Cartee

I just wanted to let everybody know that this site has another new writer. Everyone take a moment to show Jarrod Cartee a little love by leaving a comment, Friending him on Facebook or Goodreads or Following him on Twitter or his personal blog! Here’s a little blurb about him that I will be putting on the Staff page soon. He is interested in working with podcasts  and audio/video production, (SQUEEE!) but we haven’t yet determined to what extent. I am just glad to have a person to teach the trade to! On a more personal note… He also has a beard! #BeardsmenUnite! Now that I’ve said that, I realize I need to update my Staff photo… my beard isn’t in it!

Jerrod Cartee: New Writer

Favorite SK Book: The Stand

Favorite SK Movie: The Green Mile

Interesting Fact: I am a musician

Can’t Live Without: God, Books, and my family and friends

I Can Get Nerdy About: Cars, Books and Tech.

Semi-new to the Stephen King world, I started with The Stand and I am now journeying through The Dark Tower Series and Under The Dome. I absolutely cannot believe how King’s works have enticed me in to where I simply cannot get enough. I’ve seen a few of King’s movies but The Green Mile is my favorite.

I’ve had some experience through my own blog, but I hope to gain even more by writing for this awesome website. I will be focusing on reviews, news, and the comic books. I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I am, and I hope you will enjoy my writing!

Be Social! Find Jarrod on:  Personal Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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