Nerd Casting “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 1

"The Dark Tower" by Eredel on Deviant Art (Click the Pic to see profile)

On the most recent episode of the Stephen King Fancast, Bryant and I discussed dream casting “The Dark Tower” movies, and I threw out the possibility of casting the movie completely out of Nerd Culture Stars. I thought this was a fun idea, and decided to expand on the idea in a blog post, for those of you that would be interested in such a thing, but don’t listen to podcasts. That being said, I am going to throw out my nerd culture picks for casting the Dark Tower in a series of posts. I will start with the “current ka’ tet” and I will do some secondary, yet key characters in another post in the near future. This will by no means be a full and complete list, just some of the characters that I think are important to the story as a whole. Personally, I believe that this could be the actual cast of the movie and it would work well.

Hugh Laurie as "House"

Roland Deschain: To play this role, my pick would be Hugh Laurie. I know that he’s not considered a nerd, but I do know that nerd culture has embraced shows like “House M.D.” and I think that any fans of the show would agree that his snarky, witty and sarcastic facad and hidden emotional side would fit the role of Roland pretty well. He is built a lot like Roland, in my imaginings anyway, and would play the part well. I’m not sure this would work though, because, as Bryant pointed out on the podcast, it might seem like Hugh Laurie is playing House, who is playing Roland… if you follow what I mean. He can even do the limp that Roland would have after his “battle” with the Lobstrosities on the beach of the Western Sea at the beginning of “Drawing of the Three.” A solid back-up choice for the role in this nerdvana version of Mid-World would be Nathan Fillion (Think “Firefly” rather than “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”)

Chris Hardwick

Eddie Dean: My pick for Eddie Dean, none of my Constant Listeners or Readers should find this in anyway surprising, would be Chris Hardwick. Known for his Nerdist website, podcast and TV show, he also hosts the show “Talking Dead,” which comes on directly after every episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC. He is also the host of G4’s “Web Soup.” His background, however, is in stand-up comedy.  He doesn’t have a lot of acting experience, but his stand-up experience and his very witty and edgy comedy would be a perfect fit for Eddie Dean. Besides, I kind of could see him making “the beast with with two backs” with…

Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker/Susannah Dean: Aisha Tyler would be a good person to play this role. To my understanding, she fits all the requirements of playing this character. She’s hot, funny, loveable and can show some attitude. Her nerd cred comes from her “Girl on Guy Podcast,” which is part of Nerdist Industries. Plus, look at her shirt in the picture… to my understanding it’s totally true. If you watch the animated show “Archer,” then you will recognize her voice as that of  “Lana Kane.” You also may have seen her in “Ghost Whisperer,” “Balls of Fury” or “The Santa Clause 2 & 3,” or her numerous appearances on shows like “Reno 911!,” “CSI,” “24” or “Nip/Tuck.” She has got some acting chops! As a strong secondary, you could go with Rutina Wesley of “True Blood.” Now if you’re saying to yourself, “Hey, I’m a fan of ‘True Blood’ and I ain’t no nerd!” I would respond with, “You should say that improperly phrased sentance back to yourself, and perhaps, re-evaluate that statement.”

Jake Chambers: I have been toiling over this one, because there is a part of me that believes that they should grab a brand new face and throw them into this role. That, however, is not conducive to creating a nerd cast of the Dark Tower, so I think I have found someone that would fit into nerd culture and still be great as Jake if they were actually to cast him in the part.  Chandler Riggs currently plays the part of Carl Grimes in “The Walking Dead” which has a HUGE nerd fan base due to its being a comic book series, prior to the TV show. According to IMDb, He is currently 13, which means that if you take into account the time it would take to get going on this project, the character of Jake would have to be aged up a bit, that’s not really a problem for me. I always end up imagining Jake older than he really is because of his level of maturity.

That’s it for this post. I am planning to do casting for Blaine the Mono, Marten Broadcloack (young and old) and Henry Dean in the next casting post, so stay tuned for that if you enjoyed this. Let me know what your thoughts are on my casting choices, what your choices would be or if you want to suggest a character you want me to cast.

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4 comments on “Nerd Casting “The Dark Tower” Movies, Part 1

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    • Good shout! I just pulled up his IMDb to make sure I was thinking of the right guy, and I could see that. He’s not nerd culture, but that’s OK. I was using nerd culture as a way to give shout outs to people that I admire and would love to see more of. Who doesn’t want their fav “celebs” in what could be their fav movies? 🙂

  2. “Neat!” she said, nerdily. I would watch anything with Hugh Laurie in it. Well, to be honest, anything but the past few seasons of “House” which has just gone downhill for me. Nathan Fillion is great too! Now, if only Hollywood would seek out your wisdom, it would be a better world. 🙂

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