Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” Getting Re-Booted?

While doing a bit of digging for a “where are they now?” piece on Miko Hughes, I ran across some interesting information I hadn’t found before on a reboot of Pet Sematary.  First, I landed on the following article (Click Here) that talks about whether it should even be done or not.  Personally, I love Pet Sematary the way it is, bad special effects, flying baby dolls and all, but if CGI can help it look more realistic and in  my mind, scarier, then I say go for it.  The world can always use one more bad SK adaptation to become fodder for the overly opinionated.  Oh, wait, that’s me…

And just to confirm the rumor, I ran over to IMDB.  Since it’s in pre-production and I don’t have IMDBPro, the best I can do is confirm. (Click Here) is not commenting.

Posted by @Mouseylu

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3 comments on “Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” Getting Re-Booted?

  1. All I can say is . . . why? The original is a classic, easily one of the best and truest screen adaptions of any King novel. I thought it was cast perfectly, set beautifully, and more than did justice to the story. Yeah, the effects are a bit cheesy, but it seems every time something gets remade to ‘look’ better, the storytelling and the characters suffer. I say leave Pet Sematary alone and dip into something new.

  2. I like the original movie, but if I’m being honest with myself, I have to admit that it’s not a very good movie. A lot of the acting is reeeeeeeally bad, and while the movie is dark, it’s doesn’t capture the sheer despair and misery of the novel.

    So I’m all for a remake. I just hope that the studio hires someone genuinely talented to make it, and doesn’t go the el-cheapo route like they did the first time around.

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