Podcast: The Dark Tower Wrap-Up with Bryant Burnette

Song Break: Marc Gunn – “Middle-Earth Bragging Rights”

This episode finds the Honk MahFah himself, Bryant Burnette, and I chatting about what our choices would be, should we get to cast the Dark Tower movies, should they actually be getting made. Matt also reveals a secret casting that he heard about, but probably won’t happen now that production has been delayed. Matt also bounces some ideas off of Bryant about an all nerd culture dream-cast for the Dark Tower movies! Then we get into some talk about the Dark Tower Comics and how they are trying to fill some of the gaps that were left in the Dark Tower books. All you non-Wholigans can tune at after that, because it turns out that both Bryant and I are huge Doctor Who fans! So tighten your scarves or bow ties and hold on to your fezes and sonic screwdrivers, because it’s about to get turbo-nerd in here! Feel free to tune out if you’re not a Whovian, it’s OK. I do know that some of the SK listeners are Doctor Who fans, so I decided to leave this part in.

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One comment on “Podcast: The Dark Tower Wrap-Up with Bryant Burnette

  1. Hey Matt, in case you feel like exploring “classic” Doctor Who, here are my recommendations to get a taste of each Doctor:

    “An Unearthly Child”, William Hartnell
    “Tomb of the Cybermen”, Patrick Troughton
    “The Three Doctors”, Jon Pertwee (with Hartnell and Troughton)
    “Genesis of the Daleks”, Tom Baker
    “Mawdryn Undead”, Peter Davison
    “The Mark of the Rani”, Colin Baker
    “Battlefield”, Sylvester McCoy
    Doctor Who movie (1996), Paul McGann (with McCoy)


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