A/V Round-Up: Stephen King’s “11/22/63”


I am working on a review for “11/22/63” right now, and thought I would tease that review (I’ll have it up tomorrow morning) with a selection of interesting videos that I found on YouTube that have to do with “11/22/63.” There are a few commercials here, but two of them include King talking about the book, so they are worth while. Also included, TV commercial, a sample from the audiobook and a funny Tuber. Enjoy! –@alloy_matt

Here’s an unveiling video that Simon and Schuster (publisher) put out

Here’s the trailer for the e-book

This is the commercial for “11/22/63” that ran on TV during A&E’s “Bag of Bones”

Book Signing in Alpharette, GA on 12/14/2011

Here’s a sample reading from the “11/22/63” with an animated rendering to go with it

Random funny video of some Tuber talking about King’s “About the Author” blurb

Purchase 11/22/63:  Hardback | iBooks | Kindle | Audible | iTunes

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