Podcast Artwork for Jeff Lane's "One Way"

I have done a few posts about audiobooks recently, and both of those postings teased a future post about podiobooks. Well, this is that post. This is not going to be like either of those previous posts, by which I mean there will not be a top 5 list. I will give a few recommendations on podiobooks I enjoyed greatly, however, so if you were looking for where to start, this will be informative. The reason for this format change, will be explained later on in this post. For now, let’s move right on to the subject of podiobooks.

What is a podiobook?  The word podiobook comes from the combination of two words and worlds. Simply put, a podiobook is an audiobook, done in podcast format. So instead of going out and purchasing an entire audiobook and listening to it, the audiobook is recorded (generally by the author) and self-published as a podcast, around an hour a week. These can be available via iTunes or straight RSS feed. That covers the definition of a podiobook, in a nutshell.

I am bringing your attention to podiobooks as I feel that you may enjoy them. The benefit, is that you get the entertainment of an audiobook, but without paying for the audiobook. The author generally also puts out chat sessions that may or may not be attached to the podiobook episodes, and sometimes there are commercials involved. Being that this blog is home to two of its own podcasts, The Stephen King Fancast and Stephen King Movie Club, you are probably familiar with podcasts and also probably know that those little commercials are inescapable. It costs money to put out a podcast, and podcasters try to offset those costs with commercials. Way of the world.

You may be thinking, “Hey Matt. All this is all well and good, and I’m glad you’re so passionate about this. It’s also great, and I commend you, for trying to support your fellow podcasters, the podcast scene and independent authors alike. However, how am I supposed to find these podiobooks you speak of, without hearing about them from someone else first?’ First off, I thank you for that bit of wonderful praise! Second, I also want to direct you to check out podiobooks.com.* There, they have an index of various podiobooks and their authors.

With all that taken care of, I want to take a minute to refer you to a few podiobooks that I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Some of these are listed on podiobooks.com, and some are not. I will be linking to their direct sites, so you can check them out specifically without having to search for them.

Jeff Lane’s “This Paper World”: Site | iTunes

Jeff Lane’s “One Way”: Site | iTunes

Scott Sigler’s “Earthcore”: Site | iTunes

Scott Sigler’s “Ancestor”: Site | iTunes

Scott Sigler’s “Infected”: Site | iTunes

You can find hundreds of titles categorized by author or genre at podiobooks.com

*Point of Interest* Usually, the ads you see on this site are my feeble attempt to get money out of you for putting out content that you enjoy. I want to state that podiobooks.com is not paying my anything for promotion of their site in any way shape or form. I am plugging this site purely as a fan and supporter of podcasting, as well as out of respect to the authors for having the courage to take all the horrible things that the internet has to say about podcasters from time to time. As the host of this blogs two podcasts, I know what that is like and how brutal it can be. I also have a great deal of respect for the DIY mentality and wish to show my support for every podcaster/podiobook producer. They are trying like hell to follow their dreams, and that SHOULD be supported, even if its by a lowly blogger and fellow podcaster on this small blog.

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2 comments on “Podiobooks

  1. Hey Matt – Thanks so much for the plugs and the podcasting love. Let me pay this forward and list a couple of my favorite podcast novelists (multiple genres). This list is not meant to be all inclusive or in any particular order, and no offense to anyone I left off. Hope this helps those seeking good quality audio fiction:
    Scott Roache
    Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff
    Jake Bible
    Mur Lafferty
    Myke Bartlett

    There’s a ton of talented people out there. Go listen, then make the author’s day by giving them a quick email or iTunes review to say thanks.

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