My Favorite Audiobooks: Not Counting Stephen King

Last week, I put up a post about my favorite Stephen King audiobooks (click here to read) with a promise at the end that I would do another post in the near future about my favorite audiobooks from all authors, not just King. I did this because my favorite question after I meet a Stephen King fan is to ask who else they read. I would assume that is your favorite question as well. I do hear it a lot from people, so I figured I would throw up a post about it. I prefer audiobook format over regular books, because I just do. I get wrapped up in them quicker and easier, which makes the story more enjoyable, to me.

I also wish to state that I am not including podiobooks in this list. Podiobooks will get their own post, simply because of format differences. Also, podiobooks are generally put together by indie authors, and, in my mind at least, it’s not fair to stack them against “The Pros.” One podiobook did make this list, however, and that is purely because it was that good. I also own the e-book of it, even though I will probably never read it. Sorry for that. Once again, if you are not aware of what a podiobook is, then you will have to wait for that post for me to explain it. You could use the “Amazing Google Machine” in front of you now, if you want to learn more.

5) Chris Hardwick: “The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)” Read by: The Author

Chances are, if you listen to the Fancast, watch the Movie Club or have checked the “Staff” page at any point, you would know that I am a huge proponent of Chris Hardwick and Nerdist Industries. We don’t really need to delve into why I am, (latent homosexuality?) but if you want to know, just ask and I would be happy to discuss it at length in a very defensive and hostile manner if you say anything bad about NERDIST!… sorry… got a little carried away… moving on. This is kind of a self-help book for nerds. Not that you have to be a nerd to enjoy it, just that nerds will enjoy it more because they relate to it differently. The book is pretty inspiring to me. I am trying to make my way as a blogger and podcaster in this world, and getting to read the thoughts of a man who I consider successful at both of those things is pure gold! The book is very uplifting and gives a lot of hope to people who may lose hope in themselves or what they are doing, from time to time. That doesn’t just apply to blogging and podcasting, this book can be useful to anyone that wants to make the best out of their career. I have taken the audiobook, put it into an audio editing program and chopped helpful little speeches out of it to get me through those rough patches.

4) Jeff Lane: “This Paper World” Read by: The Author

This is the podiobook that made the cut! This is great news for you, because you will now get two (assuming you also hit the link at the bottom of this article to download a free audiobook from Audible) audiobooks out this posting for absolutely free! This audiobook has been made available as a podcast and is free to download from his website and on iTunes. “This Paper World” is a book about a young man who finds out while in college that he is actually a part of an elite group of people who are called “Centurians” and are tasked with protecting the world from evil. These people are like superheroes, mixed with gunslingers. There is a supernatural quality to some of their abilities, but they are also went through a lot of training! Not like those “Bend the Bullet,” Angelina Jolie types from the movie, like actual ka’ tet gunslingers. The story is fascinating and looks like it’s the first part of a series, so there is more of this tale to be told. Seriously, it’s free, give it a listen.

3) Joe Hill: “Horns”  Read by: Fred Berman

I am a great fan of his previous novel, “Heart Shaped Box,” and I am a great fan of his “Locke & Key” comic series as well. “Horns,” however, mad more of a dent with me. Joe Hill has a different style than his dad, in many ways. He also has a very similar style in one important way. He can make you feel a little dirty for rooting for someone that is such a bad guy, at times. (Dark Tower Fans can feel me on this.) The story is about a guy that has to face his inner demon to free himself from it because he is, literally, growing horns on his head. He soon finds out that no one can ever completely banish that demon, because sometimes we need to rely on it to get us through hard things. What a great premise! Any person that always let’s that demon out is, to put it bluntly, an asshole. However, when you are down and out and HAVE to do something when the odds are stacked against you, that demon is sometimes referred to as courage. There is a lot of religious theme in this book, and I love it for that because sometimes the devil has to give an assist… Why does Kobe Bryant come to mind?

2) Homer: “The Odyssey” Read By: Ian McKellen

A classic Greek tale read by Gandalf and Megneto! WHAT! I know… it’s pretty amazing. The tale of Odysseus, a great warrior sailing the Aegean Sea and leading his brave men into battle but whose ship is lost (as in the gods took away his GPS) and can’t seem to find it’s way back home. Many men are back at his home, making attempts at his wife because he is thought to be dead. She is holding out for Odysseus and their son is backing her. He has to go through many trials and tribulations to try to get back home. In NO WAY does that sum the story up, but it lays some ground work.

1) Aldous Huxley: “Brave New World” Read by Michael York

I love philosophy stuff, especially the dystopian literature. This “Brave New World” is set in the future and reflects upon our society. All people are, literally, test tube babies. Henry Ford is thought to be something akin to a god because they used his invention of the assembly line as the framework of how to create people, of different castes. People purposefully introducing alcohol to selected tubes to stunt the future person to create the lower caste. Children are raised by the state to become whatever it is they are designated to become, and are conditioned to love whatever their future lot in life is going to be. They control the people with a drug called Soma, which makes people euphoric when taken. They even create little nursery rhymes that remind people to take the drug whenever they are feeling down. What would happen if a person from our time were introduced into this society? SO GOOD!

That’s my top 5 favorite audiobooks, if you leave out Stephen King. I would suggest giving any/all of them a listen and enjoying them as thoroughly as I did. Should you give any of them a try, let me know what you thought. Did you like or hate the book? Why? Don’t say that about him! I insist that you like what I like! it happened again didn’t it… sorry.

“This Paper World” is still available as a free podcast, so make sure you check that out. You can also click the Audible link below to download a free audiobook by signing up for their 14 day free trial!

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4 comments on “My Favorite Audiobooks: Not Counting Stephen King

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  3. Big surprise here, but I can’t recommend Jim Dale’s reading of the Harry Potter audio books enough. His voices for the vast amount of characters are phenomenal. I’ve tried listening to a few other audio books since then but nothing comes close to how captivated I was listening to Jim Dale.

  4. I haven’t heard the audio version of “Horns” yet, but I loved the novel. Joe Hill is a chip off the old block, no doubt about it.

    Me favorite non-King audiobooks would probably be:

    “The Silmarillion” (read by Martin Shaw): glorious
    “Lonesome Dove” (read by Lee Horsley): Horsley was a great choice to read this, which may be my favorite of all novels
    and literally anything read by Frank Muller … the dude was a genius

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