Stephen King Movie Club: Now Available as a Video Podcast

I started the Stephen King Movie Club a little while back and made it available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, as well as the blogs and various social sites. I heard from a few people that they would like to see it become it’s own podcast as well. Now it is. I will continue making it available on YouTube as well, so if you are subscribed to the YouTube page, then nothing will change for you. Those of you that are interested in the Movie Club in podcast format, can get it on iTunes. I haven’t submitted it to Zune yet, but that is because I’m not sure how many people actually use the service. However, if you want it on Zune, I will get it on Zune. I have not submitted it to Stitcher either, but that is because Stitcher doesn’t do video podcasts, at this point.

I ask you all to please hit the iTunes link below, and go leave comments on the podcast! The more comments that are made, the higher it’s iTunes ranking will be and I would absolutely love it if I could get it into the “New and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes Podcast frontpage! Please help out this indie site and indie podcaster and go leave a comment! 🙂

If this is the first you are hearing about the Stephen King Movie Club, then you can hit the “Stephen King Movie Club” tab at the top of the page for more information and subscription links. Those same links will be bombarding your face right now.

Subscribe to the Stephen King Movie Club on: iTunes | RSS | YouTube

Posted by @alloy_matt

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