Help Us Raise Funds for a New Stephen King Fan Experience

In a previous post, I stated that I was hoping to do a site re-build and add a bunch of new features for readers of this blog, listeners of the podcast and viewers of the Movie Club. I got a pretty good response from people about wanting to contribute to these changes and to help out in any way they can.  I have decided to layout for you exactly what changes that, in an ideal world, I would be making to the Stephen King Fancast and why. Before I start hounding you for money, here’s the story.

Since this blog originally started as just a podcast, I was perfectly OK with having a free-hosted blog, or three of them, for that matter. This blog has taken on new aspects that I feel are deserving of a re-branding and a re-building. The podcast is no longer the sole function of this blog. I have taken on a writer (by now you are surely familiar with Luanne and her wonderfully witty articles here and on the other SK Fancast blogs) and I am looking to take on one or two more bloggers. I have also started a YouTube show dedicated to Stephen King Movies, called the Stephen King Movie Club, and even with only a single episode out, I have seen growth in this blog. The point being, I feel like I am doing a dis-service to these other aspects of this site by keeping it under the Stephen King Fancast brand. It’s time to take it up a notch and make this site into a legitimate fan site.

Being the person that I am, which is a nerd, I want to create something here that I would be a fan of myself, which is an all-encompassing Stephen King Fan experience. I know that Stephen King Fans are ravenous for content, and I want to really delve into the depths of this. That being the case, this isn’t going to cost a lot of money, but the sum is out of my range of just doing it. So I am reaching out to the amazing readers, listeners and viewers of this site to get this project funded.

I won’t go into great detail here about what changes I wish to make and how much each will cost. If you want to see all that information, I have laid it all out on the IndieGoGo page for all to see, so you can click over there to get a more in-depth breakdown. Here, I  am “cutting to the quick” of it, so to speak.

The projected changes will be a new blog site that is professionally hosted, a mobile application that will allow you to read blog posts, listen to podcasts, watch videos and interact with the current (and future) staff of the site and a social network. The costs of these changes is approximately $1100. That money will cover domain name registration for five years, hosting of the new site for five years, the complete cost of the mobile app for life and the cost of the social network for one year. In my mind, that is super cheap. I know of tons of websites that spend an average person’s yearly salary on those things. How is it so cheap? Most of the cost that goes into building all these things is labor. People have to be paid to construct them. I will be doing that myself. I have experience in all these fields, some only to a minor extent, and the costs will be greatly decreased if I just do it myself. Most of these costs do not go away. The app is a one time cost, and once it’s paid for, it’s good to go. So that’s a plus. However, the site hosting and social network will be a continuous cost, meaning I’ll have to pay for them again when the terms expire. I plan to cover these costs with ads on the site, in the podcast and movie club, and by charging $0.99 for the mobile application. The yearly upkeep of these things is approximately $300. Should ads and app purchases not cover the cost of this, I will probably maintain it all out-of-pocket, considering it’s only $300 a year (that’s what… $27.00 a month? Close enough.) I think it would be easy enough to come up with that.

The greater impact of building all these things myself is that I can take feedback from you and make changes to these things on the fly.  Another upside, is that I won’t have to choose from cookie cutter designs to work with, I can collaborate with people I know to get things done like artwork for the site and other such things. I will be posting a list of things that I would like for this site re-build in the future, in case you would like to contribute artwork, music or video to this new site.

Basically, I am asking for the money to start this project. I greatly enjoy working on the project and do not predict it will be going away. I would like to do a proper launch of all these things all at once, in the Spring of 2012, rather than piecing it together as I go. Now that you have a general idea of what is to come, I ask that if you like any of these new features and wish to see them happen, you can head over to our IndieGoGo page for all the details and to contribute to the future of this site. Even if you can’t afford to contribute at this time, (the fundraising effort doesn’t end until mid April) head over and hit the “Share” buttons. I understand that we’re in a bad economic place these days, and it’s the holidays on top of that. Fundraising ends on tax day, so maybe you can afford a little out of your taxes. It only takes 110 people giving $10 dollars to make all this a reality, and we’ve damn near got that in Twitter Followers! 🙂

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