Bloggers Wanted

There are some big plans in the near future for the Stephen King Fancast, and I want to reach out to current Stephen King Fancast listeners and viewers. Currently, there are two of us that are adding content to this blog. Luanne works exclusively on adding articles to the blog and I work on the podcast and movie club. I am hoping to pick up at least one more blogger, and possibly two. Here is a short list of qualifications you must meet:

  1. Be Capable: Experience is not required, but some basic knowledge of the English Language is necessary. The basic readership of this blog is, generally speaking, very well versed in grammar, as you should have expected. Know how to run spell check and the difference between there, their and they’re. This is for your own good as I don’t want some aggro nerd flaming you because you accidentally typed form instead of from. Trust me… those people are out there. Mistakes happen, most people get that so perfection is not demanded. I will be doing some light editing on every article.
  2. Communication: Must be able to communicate via email with other staff members. If there are ever five people working on this blog, eventually, multiple people will want to post similar articles. Make sure you aren’t accidentally cannibalizing someone else’s article.
  3. Be Willing to Work for Free: This site, as you should know, is ran by King fans. At this moment, it doesn’t make any money. Should it start making money, I would be happy to pay contributors. Until then, I can’t pay you. Sorry.

I am interested in people that could do book reviews (but not for every book necessarily), as well as, original pieces related to King. (SEE HERE for a great example of what I mean.) I am also looking for someone that would be willing to dedicate articles specifically relating to King comic books. You can contribute other articles, as well.

Ideally, I would like to have one writer that can get in-depth on the comics and contribute other articles, including book reviews.  I would be willing to accept two different people for these functions. Assuming you get the desired spot, you could submit articles as often as you want, but bi-weekly would be minimal. That means I would want to see you writing an article at least every other week, but more often would be cool.

Should you be interested in blogging about Stephen King, please send me an email at


-Matt 🙂

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