Episode 8 – The Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass Pt. 1

This episode finds the podcast being co-hosted by listener Brian Adams… not the “Summer of ’69” Bryan Adams, another guy named Brian Adams. He was a real joy to have on the show and I wanna send a thank you out to him for patiently waiting  a week since this episode was recorded for it to go live! This is the first of what I am hoping will turn out to be a two part discussion of Dark Tower 4: Wizard & Glass. We really hammered through a lot on this episode, but it was great discussion and we believe we did it some justice. Thankee sai for tuning in to this episode and I hope you join me again!

If you want more info on how you can co-host an episode with me, and join in the discussion, leave a comment here on the blog, email me or hit those social buttons on the left side of this page and come say hi on Facebook or Twitter if you like!

I also want to ask that if you enjoy this free podcast, you support it by supporting the show sponsors which are at the bottom of this page.

May your days be long upon the earth! -Matt

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