Episode 4 – The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

This episode is sponsored by Audible. Clicking HERE will take you to Audible’s page so you can download your free Audiobook! Do it fast because we’re talking about Dark Tower 3: Waste Lands on episode 5, and you should be prepared. On a side note, if every listener i have went to Audible and signed up for a free trial, the advertising dollars from Audible to me would allow me to quit my job for 6 months! Please help me out and support me in my dream to be a podcaster as a career. It doesn’t cost you a penny, but helps me so much!

Matt owes the good folks at SyFy and the tv show “Haven” an apology. It really is a great show. I stand firm in saying that it has nothing to do with the book however. Anyway, sorry to all the people at SyFy and at “Haven.”

      I referred to a couple of articles on Episode 4. If you want to read those articles yourself, click the headlines.

Huffington Post – Car Smashes Stephen King’s Gate in Maine

Deadline.com – Universal Lands Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ and Plans Unprecedented Feature/Network TV Adaptation

Want to read the review for Dark Tower 2: The Drawing of the Three? Click HERE to visit the blog!

Shoutout to Stephen Lindsay (author of such great comic books as Jesus Hates Zombies, Massive Awesome and The Devil’s Trail) for e-mailing me. It’s kind of funny, I’m a huge fan of his Jesus Hates Zombies series and he’s a fan of my show! It was amazing to hear from someone I look up to so greatly. He invited me to join him at ZomBcon in Seattle, WA Oct. 29-31! I get to meet one of my idols and hopefully kindle a friendship. Please show him some patronage and visit his WEBPAGE and purchase some amazing comics!

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